20×20 Challenge

Writing is so cathartic for me. I love writing here on this blog. Yet, as evidenced by my post history, I rarely bring myself to write one. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I never feel like I have time. Most of my previous blog posts have been quite long, and the expectation I’ve built upon myself to write blog posts of similar length is too daunting when I have the alternative of learning programming or going running instead. Two, I am certain that my writing ability has decayed, and I unconsciously avoid situations like this that reminds me of that fact. Lastly, I fear that the people who read this will judge me for any of the reasons mentioned above, or for the content of what I write. I keep reminding myself of why writing is good for me – it’s a great skill to practice, feels productive, brings confidence not just in my writing but in my speech, and allows me to examine an internal thought or struggle that normal, everyday daydreaming usually cannot penetrate or come to terms with.

To solve these problems, I’ve devised this challenge of writing 20 paragraphs for 20 consecutive days. The length of a paragraph is long enough to express an insight or reflection, but short enough to force me to be concise and not feel like I have to write too much. The consistency will allow writing to become a habit rather than a chore. So, starting tomorrow, 20 days, 20 thoughts!

[I most likely won’t post this Saturday because I won’t have access to Wi-Fi, in which case I’ll still write one that day but publish it on Sunday along with Sunday’s entry.]

Let writing be a skill I consistently exercise this year. Here’s to a great 2015!

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