Now Page – November 2019

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What I’m up to right now

Last updated on 11/10/19.

It’s week 7 of fall quarter. It’s usually a stressful time, but this time around, things are going swimmingly. Pun intended.

How I’m spending my time

50% of my time is focused on classes,
20% on what I’m doing in the future,
10% on creative hobbies,
10% on socializing,
10% on health.


I’m taking Decision Making Under Uncertainty. Check out our final project in progress!

I’m also taking Probability for Computer Scientists, a great foundational class in probability for many machine learning classes.

What I’m doing in the future

I’ve spent quite a bit of time this past month on how I want to structure the next year to get to my professional goals.

Since I’m aiming to finish my education at the end of next fall, I have one last summer I can do some temporary work experience. I’ve decided that unless something REALLY attractive comes along, I’ll be avoiding software engineering since I’ve been doing that for the last four summers. I’m applying for international fellowships, camp counseling, research positions, consulting roles, anything interesting that comes my way!

That being said, since it’s my last summer before I graduate, there are some software engineering positions that would lead to full time offers afterwards that I won’t want to turn down. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting path ahead.

Creative Hobbies

This past month has been especially productive on the creative side of my life. I’ve been journaling every day, practicing improv, making music, and picked up a new hobby of digital drawing! I’ll let the work speak for itself.

My first serious attempt at drawing: My favorite Pokemon, Zapdos. Turned out pretty well! Learned about shading and proportions, mainly. Unfortunately, I forgot the black feathers on the tail LOL. I’ve decided to let that stand.

My longest song yet! A bit repetitive in the middle and missing some mids, but had a great section in the middle where I added a breakdown. I drew the artwork for the background as well.

Socializing & Health

I’ve been socializing a lot and have been making tons of new friends.

I’ve also been super diligent about physical therapy and have improved the pain in my foot to almost none at all! I have to stay on the PT grind though, otherwise the pain comes back.

Most importantly, I’ve been improving swimming quite a bit. My one lap time has gone down from a 60 to 45 seconds. I’ve doubled the distance I swim per workout from just 5 weeks ago. I’m currently topping out at 40 laps. If I can get to 70 laps (aka 1 mile) by the end of the quarter, I’ll be satisfied.

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