Slowing Down

For our required writing class, we recently read No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. It’s him documenting his attempt to live without impacting the environment for one year. He accomplishes his goal by accumulating practices that decrease his impact on the environment. He begins by committing to make no trash, and by the end of the year, is buying food locally, using his bike and rickshaw to get around, and turning off his electricity. In his local-food phase of his project, he bakes his own bread instead of buying packaged loaves from the supermarket. There’s one excerpt from his book that really resonated with me.

Bread-making, this quiet, non cerebral activity, provided much needed space in my life. It’s a break. It’s one of those things that takes the rhythm of your day and slows it down right to what it’s supposed to be.

I had my first yoga class today, and after the 100mph first week of the quarter, it felt so relaxing to spend an hour and a half focusing on my body and its rhythms. I gave my body attention that it needed, slowing my body and my thoughts down right to where I needed to be. It’s important to stop and smell the flowers every once and a while.