Why I Live

There have been special moments in my life when I’ve felt like I’m on top of the world. During those fleeting seconds when I’m at the apex of my euphoria, I’m on a different plane of existence. It feels like I’m perfectly tuned to the frequency of the very essence of life, that I’ve truly discovered the meaning of life. I call it The Best Feeling In The World (BFIW).

The reasons and circumstances surrounding every BFIW one might feel differ vastly from one another, from winning a tournament to being in love to whatever else. But for me, the best BFIWs are always when it involves someone else. I mean that when someone else and I collaborate so well with them that it’s as if both of us were simultaneously controlled by a single brain. A communal BFIW. When you know exactly what they’re thinking and they know exactly what you’re thinking, and merely being in their company in the aftermath of whatever triggered the euphoria feels unlike anything else in the world.

I can remember one time my soccer team was playing in a tournament soccer game and we executed most amazing chain of passes, including blind back heels, that led us to a goal and subsequent victory over the other team. When we knew what the other person would do with the ball before they knew they’d do it. It’s that feeling that kept me playing soccer for most of my life. The communal BFIW.

I just reconnected with a close cousin this past weekend during LAHacks. I had gotten dinner with my extended family Saturday evening, and he drove me back from the restaurant to the hacking venue. We talked about everything from religion to tech to growing up in our Indian-American culture, but in a way where we enjoyed the fact that we were in each other’s presence more than the conversation itself.

I hunger for BFIWs. They are reminders for why I live, and why I love life.

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